Years 3 and 4 - Chinese Food

Years 3 and 4—Chinese week


On Tuesday, Years 3 and 4 had a fantastic day of learning -  with a carousel of activities including computing and data collection, comparing the nutrients of a variety of meals in design and technology and cooking and enjoying a traditional Chinese stir fry! The children had to understand the importance of a healthy diet and enjoyed chopping and grating the ingredients. Many children even enjoyed the 7 varieties of vegetables and said they were looking forward to making the recipe at home!


Terracotta Warriors


On Thursday, Years 3 and 4 had an art day. We have been exploring the Tomb of Qin Shi Huang and have researched the Terracotta Warriors. The children had to design, make and evaluate their own      terracotta warriors out of clay. To achieve this they experimented with different techniques such as   pinching to form pinch pots, coiling and using tools to make facial features.

To conclude our Ancient China topic Years 3 & 4 will be having a special celebration day on Tuesday! The children in Years 3 and 4 can come in wearing red - the lucky colour of joy and happiness.