Junior Lifeguard - Group 2

Years 5/6 Junior Lifeguards


Friday, 7th July 2023


On Friday 7th July, the 2nd group of Year 5/6 children visited Putsborough beach in Croyde for a day of junior lifesaving and surfing. After arriving at the beach around 10.00am and slipping into their wetsuits, the children went to the beach for an introduction to beach safety from our instructors. Throughout the morning, the children took part in a variety of activities including beach safety, relay races in and out of the sea, surf practice and lifesaving, whilst in the water.


Following a break and lunch in the sun, the children shed their wetsuits for an afternoon of beach games. After a very intense and well-contested game of capture the flag (well pole), Ashton emerged victorious but was pushed all the way by Lexi-Mae.


A huge thank you must go to Nick Thorne’s staff and volunteers at Putsborough beach for making the day enjoyable and allowing the children to learn vital skills that may stand them in good stead in the future.