Years 3/4 Heatree Residential - March 2023

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Years 3 and 4 Heatree Residential

Last week a group of children from Years 3 and 4 attended our first residential for this year group since lock down .


As soon as they arrived, the children were whisked off to the wilderness of Dartmoor, where they took part in some weaselling, tasted ‘wild food’, and were able to take in the magnificent views. They enjoyed a hot chocolate to keep them all warm in the wild!  Over the next two days, the children took part in a range of activities.


In the Bushcraft session, they were taught how to use a flint and stone to make fire – they were so pleased with their successes! They were then rewarded with marshmallows and hot chocolate around the camp fire. In the den building session, the children had to use the natural resources around them to craft dens for wild animals. Who knew that badgers and squirrels needed bed and kitchens! They certainly were luxury homes!


The Low Adventure course was a fun challenge, with rope bridges, see saws to walk across, and zip lines! The grand finale was a wet challenge, crawling in the water through tunnels and under bridges. The resilience and determination of the children was incredible and they loved the final water slide!


In Archery, the children were able to channel their inner Robin Hood and fire arrows at a target. They played multiple games, including to shoot balloon targets. Well done to Miss Williams and Rory. B for hitting their balloons!


During the evenings the children were tired, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying a fire and some marshmallows in the Stone Age roundhouse. Big thanks to Mr Quilter – he did not give up until the fire was roaring! We enjoyed a sing song before bed. On the last night, the children enjoyed popcorn, yet more hot chocolate, and a film. We were all so impressed with the children who came on the trip – their perseverance and enthusiasm knew no bounds!


Cinema night with popcorn.


Thank you to Mrs Johnson, Mr Quilter,

Miss Williams and Mr Askew for helping make this a wonderful experience for the children.