Years 5 & 6 Information

8th September 2020







Dear Parents and Carers


Welcome back!


In Year 5/6 the children take part in a variety of sporting activities and events throughout the year; it is therefore important for their safety to ensure that they have the correct PE kit.  We appreciate that it may take a few weeks to make sure your child has all of the correct kit, so if you have any issues in acquiring any item of PE kit for your child, please call your child’s class teacher.


At present, we would ask that pupils come into school wearing their PE kit, on our PE days, on Wednesdays and Fridays, in order to minimise cross contamination and belongings being brought in and out of school.


PE Kit List:


White t-shirt

Navy/black shorts or sports leggings (not transparent cotton)

Warm jogging bottoms for the cooler months

Sports trainers

Hair band for those with long hair and no jewellery


We have found that it is also useful to prepare the children for secondary school by ensuring the children take responsibility for having their correct kit in on the correct day, therefore this will be an expectation. Year 5/6 PE will be on Wednesdays and Fridays this year.


Many thanks and we appreciate your help with this matter.




Mrs Lavictoire     Miss Squire        Mrs Rana      Mrs Lowrey      Mrs Harding

See Home Page for link to Whole School Weekly Newsletter.


Welcome to Years 5 and 6!   It is fantastic to see you all back and settling in so well.  We would like to welcome Mr Lewis to our team who is covering Mrs Rana’s maternity leave. 


The following information is specific to Years 5 and 6.

Morning Routine

  • 8.30am – Teachers will open class doors. 
  • 8.50am – playground gates will be locked, if you arrive after this please report to the School Office.
  • Each morning the children will be set an activity to complete.
  • Communicating with class teachers:
    - If you need to advise us of an upcoming appointment or change of person collecting your child, please provide your child with a note to hand to us at morning registration.
    - If you have any concerns please talk to the class teacher at the end of the day.
  • If your child would like a healthy snack for break time please provide them with either fruit or cheese.
  • Please note we are a NUT FREE school due to both child/staff allergies.

End of School Routine

  • 3.15pm – class ends. 
  • Class Teachers will lead their classes to the playground and dismiss. 
  • If someone other than a parent is to collect your child please let the Class Teacher know at beginning of the day. 
  • If you allow your child to walk home please provide written, signed consent with a date for this and hand to the class teacher.

Reading Books

  • We are in the process of assessing reading levels.
  •  Please refer to the information regarding the Reading Passport on Seesaw. 


  • Please could we ask you to label all of your child’s clothing clearly to help them locate it when they are changing for PE.
  • Misplaced items, which are not labelled, will be placed in the lost property area landing, near Years 5 and 6 classes.                                                                                                     

PE Kits

  • It would be very helpful if children could bring their PE kit on a Monday morning and take it home again on Friday for washing. 
    (white t-shirt, blue shorts/tracksuit bottoms and trainers, for outdoor PE, in a bag)
  • It is very important, from a health and safety aspect, that the children have the correct PE kit for these sessions.
  • PE sessions this term will be Wednesday and Friday for all classes.
  • Please can children also have clearly labelled drinks bottles.

School dinners  (new price £2.30)

  • The dinner menu remains the same as the summer term until half term, a copy can be found on the front of the website.
  • The cost of school dinners has increased to £2.30.
Seesaw online portal between teacher/pupil/parent
  • In the hope of making homework more manageable and effective, we will continue exploring this online tool.  This should help to support children and parents at home through video tutorials and specific tasks, which will be set weekly ahead of the next weeks’ learning.
  • As we strive to become more environmentally friendly and prepare children in the top years of primary school for secondary school expectations, we will be placing weekly homework tasks, notices, sharing learning and your child’s achievements on Seesaw.
  • Your log-in details to access your child’s journal should not have changed – if you encounter any issues, please speak to your child’s class teacher. Seesaw can be accessed on computers (using the website, tablets and phones (using the Seesaw Family app).
  • Year 6’s will continue to use Seesaw login and Year5’s will be provided with a new one.  The app needs your child’s name in order to be able to associate work like their photos, videos or voice recordings with their account. Seesaw only uses this information to provide the service and doesn’t advertise in Seesaw, create profiles of students, or share or sell your child’s personal information or journal content.  You can read more about their privacy policy here:
  • Under an EU law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in order for your child to continue to use Seesaw, we require your consent. For more information on GDPR, please visit
  • We hope that you and your child will enjoy continuing using Seesaw to document and share their learning this year.  Please could we ask you to return the signed consent forms as soon as possible.
  • At the start of the year, we understand that this may take a few weeks to adjust to at home and school. Therefore, we will be providing homework time as part of the school day, over the next two weeks, in order to support the transition.
  • All year 5/6 teachers will also be available after school on Tuesday 10th September from 3.15-3.45pm to answer any questions.

Weekly communications with parents

  • In our efforts to be eco-friendly, with the exception of this week, information regarding our week, diary dates and updates will be emailed to parents/carers via the Whole School Weekly News using the email address we hold on our school management system.
  • If you have specifically requested paper copies of correspondence this will be provided. Please contact the school office if you wish to change your request. 
  • All correspondence will be posted on the school website
  • Information specific for years 5 and 6 will be posted under Parent Information/Years 5 / 6.

Contact details

  • If you have changed your address, email address or contact details please advise the school office as soon as possible.
  • Ideally we require details of at least 2 Emergency Contacts.
  • Benefits for your child – did you know that if your child is registered under the Government Pupil Premium Scheme, the Government will allocate funding for Orchard Vale to use to help subsidise your child’s learning support in school, free school meals, school trips and school residentials.  Please contact the school office for more information.


If you have any questions please come and speak to us.  Thank you for your support with settling your child into the school routine this week.