Years 1 & 2 Information

Year 1 and 2


Please arrive at the school gates between 8.30am and 8.50am. You will be greeted by a member of the key-stage 1 team and your child will be directed into class.  Registration is at 8.50 am so please try and arrive promptly as the aim is to start teaching by 9.00 am at the latest.

The morning can be a busy time for both parents and teachers, so if you need to speak to us, it may be more appropriate to make an appointment after school or email the school office where you message will be passed on. Of course, if you have information that needs to be passed on directly, please feel free to talk to us on arrival.

Playground gates will be closed at 8.50am.



The school gates will be open from 3.15pm

Key stage 1 children will be sent home at 3.20. Please arrive on time as Key stage 2 children will be sent home shortly afterwards.

If you have any changes in your regular collection arrangements, please let us know so that we can ensure the safety of the children.


Mr Quilter’s Class will be having PE on TUESDAY and THURSDAY

Mrs Oldfield’s Class will be having PE on TUESDAY and THURSDAY

Mrs Grimwood’s Class will be having PE on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY

Please come into school dressed in your PE kits on your PE days. (White t-shirt, blue shorts or joggers and comfortable footwear; don’t forget your school jumpers.) The children will stay in their PE kit for the remainder of the day, so you don’t need to pack extra clothes.



Mr Quilter’s Class will be using the Forest School site every Tuesday.

Mrs Oldfield’s Class will be using the Forest School site every Tuesday.

Mrs Grimwood’s Class will be using the Forest School site every Tuesday.

Please bring your wellies and waterproofs in a clearly labelled bag.



On entering Key stage 1 you will be provided with a ‘Microsoft Teams’ login. (If you currently have an existing Login this will stay the same.)

Your ‘Team’ will have 2 channels. We will be encouraging you to use the General channel and the Homework channel; the others will be used in the event of another school closure or absence linked to COVID.

Useful information will also be shared through this platform, and you can also have dialogue with your childs class teacher.


Once settled into KS1 your child will be assessed and placed into a RWI group (Reading Group). Your child will come home with a book each night for you to work on together; it is the same book we will be working on in school. This book needs to be returned each morning in the pack provided; please take great care with these resources as they are very precious!

More information will follow on RWI and how you can help and support your child at home; please look out for updates and suggestions through the weekly newsletter.
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