Years 1 & 2 Information

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Welcome to Years 1 and 2! 

We have had a fabulous start to our new term and the children have settled into the school routine wonderfully and enjoyed sharing their summer holiday stories.  

The following information is specific to Years 1 and 2.


Morning Routine

  • 8.30am – Teachers will open class doors.  8.50am – playground gates will be locked.
  • At 8.45am the class Teacher will call the children together to take the register and lunch requirements.
  • 8.50am – if you arrive after this please report to the School Office.
  • Each morning the children will be set an activity to complete, which you may help them with, starting with a Weekend News entry on Monday and then other activities which may include handwriting, phonics, maths and free activities. 
  • Communicating with class teachers:
    - If you need to advise us of an upcoming appointment or change of person collecting your child, please provide your child with a note to hand to us at morning registration.
    - If you have any concerns please talk to the class teacher at the end of the day as it is not always easy to have these discussions first thing in the morning.
  • Break time snacks – The Government supplies fruit for all children in Foundation Stage, which we have after morning break.
  • Children can bring some fruit to eat during afternoon break.  Please note we are a NUT FREE school due to both child/staff allergies.

End of School Routine

  • 3.10pm – class ends. 
  • The Class Teacher will call out each child once they see their parent in the playground.
  • If someone other than a parent is to collect your child please let the Class Teacher know in writing at beginning of the day. 
  • Children will not be handed over unless we have your authority.

Home school link book

  • This will be issued to you next Friday.
  • Please ensure your child’s Home School Link Book is in school every Thursday in order for us to change reading books.  It will be returned to you on Friday. 
  • Please use these to communicate with the school and to let us know your child's achievements outside school and as a record of their reading at home with you.  
  • If you have an urgent message please contact your Class Teacher directly. 

Reading Books

  • Children will be bringing home their reading books next week.
  • A new reading book will only be issued once the old one is returned. 
  • Please hand in reading books every Thursday so the teacher can select a new book.


  • If your child is still learning their Keywords an appropriate sheet will be stuck in their Home School Link Book. 
  • It would be very beneficial to them if you could help them learn these words by sight.
  • Once they can recognise all of the words on the sheet they will be presented with a certificate and the next sheet stuck in to their books.
  • If you are confident your child has successfully learnt these words, please write their name on the board provided and they will be tested on these by an adult.
  • Each week the children will be sent home with a list of words linked to our daily phonic sessions.  These words can be read and written in sentences at home, in your Homework book.  They will be phonics based and will help link school and home learning. 


  • We will be focusing on the children using the correct letter formation.
  • It would be very helpful if you could support this from home whenever you are practising writing with them.
  • We enclose a guidance sheet to demonstrate where letters start and the direction required.


  • We have given the children a Homework sheet today with the task options for this term.


  • Please could we ask you to label all of your child’s clothing clearly to help them locate it when they are changing for PE.
  • We encourage children to be independent and dress themselves and lost clothing can be very stressful for them. 

PE Kits

  • Please could we ask you to bring in a PE kit for your child. (white t-shirt, blue shorts/tracksuit bottoms and trainers, for outdoor PE, in a bag).
  • It is very important, from a health and safety aspect, that the children have the correct PE kit for these sessions.
  • PE kits will remain in class in the box provided and will be sent home randomly when looking a little grubby.
  • PE sessions this term will be Tuesday and Thursday for all classes.
  • Please can children also have clearly labelled drinks bottles.

Forest schools

Forest school sessions will be:

Mr Quilter’s class – Tuesday

Mrs Oldfield’s class - Tuesday

Mrs Huggins/Mrs Grimwood’s class – Wednesday 

  • Please could we ask you to ensure your child has a raincoat, wellies/old shoes (which you don’t mind getting muddy), clearly named and in a carrier bag.  To help the children remember we will give them bonus points if they bring these in on the correct day.
  • It would be helpful if your child has their own waterproof suit at home to bring in – please ensure this is clearly labelled with their name.


  • The Government provide a piece of fruit each day for KS1 children, which they eat after playtime in the morning. 
  • If you would like your child to have a piece of fruit to eat following the afternoon break they can put this in their trays.  Please note we are a NUT FREE school due to both child/staff allergies.

School Dinners

  • If you would like your child to have a hot meal at lunch time, all Key Stage 1 are entitled to a hot meal under the Government Universal Free Meals Scheme. 
  • The menu can be found on the front page of the school website

Personal Toys in School

  • Please could we ask that the children do not bring in personal toys, except on Mondays for Show and Tell, unless it has been agreed with your class teacher beforehand as a comfort toy. 
  • Toys cause countless arguments between the children and are very distracting in class. 

Weekly communications with parents

  • The whole school weekly newsletter, will include a section for Year 1 & 2.
  • We will provide advice on what we have been learning about in school that week.
  • This week we have been focusing on getting to know each other and making friends.
  • In our efforts to be eco-friendly, with the exception of this week, information regarding our week, diary dates and updates will be emailed to parents/carers via the Whole School Weekly News using the email address we hold on our school management system.
  • If you have specifically requested paper copies of correspondence this will be provided.  Please contact the school office if you wish to change your request.
  • All correspondence will be posted on the school website
  • Information specific for years 1 and 2 will be posted under Parent Information/Years 1 / 2.

Would you like to help with reading in class?

  • As you know reading is really important to a child’s development. 
  • If you are interested in coming into school to listen to children read please speak to your class teacher.  Perhaps your child has a grandparent who would like to come in.
  • All volunteers are required to undergo a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, which is free.  Once you have completed the online information which will be sent to you and brought in the required documentation your class teacher will discuss a convenient day and time to start.  You will need to provide us with your name and email address. 

Are you eligible for the Government pupil premium funding?

  • Benefits for your child – did you know that if your child is registered under the Government Pupil Premium Scheme, the Government will allocate funding for Orchard Vale to use to help subsidise your child’s learning support in school, free school meals, school trips and school residentials.  Please contact the school office for more information.

If you have any questions please come and speak to us. 

Thank you for your support with settling your child into the school routine.


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