Years 5/6 - Historical Barnstaple trip

Years 5/6 visit to Barnstaple Guildhall and St Anne’s Chapel

Tuesday, 12th, Wednesday, 13th and Thursday, 14th March


As part of our geography curriculum, we have been studying our locality.  This week each Year 5/6 class walked down to Barnstaple to visit Barnstaple Guildhall and St Anne’s Chapel.


We took part in a guided tour of Barnstaple’s historical landmarks and were able to handle artefacts from the area.  During a workshop the children made a pinch pot out of clay.  


After lunch we visited the old Boys’ Grammar School at St Anne’s Chapel and learned about school life in Barnstaple in the Victorian era.


The children had to complete a Victorian handwriting task in order to graduate.  Those who graduated had their photo taken with a graduation hat.


The children were absolute stars walking to and from Barnstaple in the unpredictable weather.