Heatree Activity Centre Residential

Years 3 and 4 Residential to Heatree Activity Centre

Wednesday, 28th February to Friday, 1st March


Last week, 39 children from Years 3 and 4 attended a three-day residential at Heatree Activity Centre on Dartmoor. Despite the cold, wet and even snowy weather, everyone had a fantastic time!


From the moment they arrived, the children were kept busy, with activities such as archery, wilderness adventure, low adventure and the Tamakale egg hunt.


The children enjoyed the archery games which included hitting certain targets to make a pizza. Many of them even hit a bullseye, earning maximum points for their team!


The Wilderness Walk included a trek across Dartmoor, where the children played lots of different ‘hide and seek’ games. They all enjoyed a much-needed hot chocolate at the end of the walk.


The Low Adventure was a hit with many of the children, as it included team building games, lots of mud, and finally getting wet crawling through obstacles in a stream! The children were all so brave and had a fantastic time!


Their final challenge was to find the rare eggs of the Tamakale bird which had been stolen by pirates. They completed many problem-solving activities, made even more exciting by regular snow showers!


The children were tired, but happy as they left Heatree and returned to Orchard Vale. Mr Bayliss, Mr Askew, Miss Gowing and I all had a fantastic time as well.  We were so proud of the children’s attitudes and efforts.


Special mentions go to Aflie for amazing manners, Scarlett for excellent problem solving, Chloe-Grace and Freddie, who said on the first day that they didn’t know how to do many of the activities, but soon gave each one a try with a huge smile on their faces!


Well done everyone!


Mrs Johnson