Shakespeare Schools' Festival 2023

Shakespeare Schools' Festival 2023


Wednesday, 8th November 2023




We have been practicing Macbeth since September and the performance day was finally here.  First, we arrived at the Landmark Theatre, where we went to our dressing room, which was amazing, to get ready for the performance.  We then took part in a technical and dress rehearsal, whilst Ashleigh School watched. 


It was very exciting being on the stage for the first time. During the technical rehearsal the stagehand tried different lighting and everybody’s favourite was the last one.  The time came for our performance.  The audience arrived, which included a lot of our parents.  Ashleigh School opened the evening with Romeo and Juliet, followed by Holywell’s Much Ado About Nothing.  Finally, it was our turn.  We performed in front of 180 people, everybody performed amazingly.  The hair and make up was fabulous.  At the end of the evening, we held a party in the dressing room; Miss Williams gave us a huge cheer and some sweets before we went home.’  

By Lettie, Martha and Larisa


Some of the children’s favourite parts of their experience were:


'It was an amazing opportunity. The atmosphere we created for the deserted place was so eerie. The make-up was amazing. I am so proud of myself and everyone for accomplishing such an achievement.' - Lettie


'My favourite parts were performing in front of everyone, all of the lights, and taking a group photo in front of the Macbeth

poster.' - Elena


'I loved the performance being on the stage in front of lots of people I think the whole trip was amazing. I loved the costumes as well the witches looked so amazing. Everyone had a massive smile on their faces after.' - Nieve


'I loved performing and watching the other schools plays and the costumes were just amazing - the witches' make-up was amazing, Ross and Lennox's beards and

moustache and every thing was amazing.' - Layla


'I loved watching the others rehearsals, I loved all the different makeup and hair the atmospheres that we created were amazing. It was amazing to see all the smiles on their faces after from the audience and other schools; it was an amazing show! And finally I really enjoyed it!' - Larisa

'I loved seeing the other schools' plays. I loved the performance, the opportunity was amazing, it amazing to see how much effort everyone put in!' - Millie

' My favourite part was performing in front of everyone, it really made me happy!

During the tech rehearsal, I loved seeing how the lighting would work.' - Charlie

'It was the best experience to perform in front of all of the people on in a real theatre. I love it when the audience clapped us it made me feel proud of what we all had achieved.' - Amelie


I liked the deserted place and all the effort that we all put into it and I think that we all are amazing and I also like the fact that we were all together and on a real stage in-front a real audience.' - Alexa-Jade

We would like to say a special thank you to:


Mrs Scott and Mrs De-Ritis our Creative Directors

Mrs Oldfield and Mr Quilter – Official chauffeurs

Mrs Pearce, Mrs Oldfield and Mrs Blincow – Costume Department – making cloaks

Miss Williams—Chaperone

Charlotte, Mia and Lola – Prop Decoration Department

Andrew Scott Carpentry for building the staging.

Homebase, Barnstaple for donating materials for our staging.