Dance Festival

Dance Festival

Wednesday 6th March

On Wednesday, 15 children (a mix of years 4,5 and 6) went to Park Community School to take part in Park’s annual dance festival. This year’s dance theme was “through the jungle” where the children got to work in small groups and create a dance piece to a range of different music. The children got to work alongside other schools in the area, Park school pupils and some adults from Petroc College, where they learnt all about canon, transitioning and speed.

Here are some of the children’s responses to the day:

Theo (Year 4)-I felt really good because I impressed one of the helper’s with my dance moves and I was with my friends for the day.

Louisa (year 5)- I loved today because I was challenged to do something I hadn’t done before. Gracie, Lottie, Freya and Annie inspired us to be creative with our dance and we had the best day!

Mollie (year 6)- Today was really fun, I had a great time and I really enjoyed it.