KS1 visit Exmoor Zoo - February 2024

KS1 at Exmoor Zoo


Monday, 26th and Tuesday, 27th February 2024


Last week, KS1 visited Exmoor Zoo. We went over 2 days and had an excellent time at both sessions.


We were lucky with the weather, although it was very chilly up on Exmoor. The zoo has an amazing variety of animals from tiny squirrel monkeys to the Beast of Exmoor, a spectacular black leopard.


As well as touring the zoo, we took part in a very interesting workshop with one of the zookeepers who brought out some rainforest insects for us to meet. It was very exciting to get up close with these incredible creatures and we were even allowed to gently touch a couple of them.


Everyone was very excited to tuck into their packed lunches and after a great feast, there was some time to enjoy the playground.


We all thoroughly enjoyed the visit.