Years 3 and 4 - Viking Experience

Years 3 and 4


Viking Experience


17th October 2022


We arrived at school and some of us had Viking costumes on.  We went to the hall and met Ulf, the Viking!  He talked about where the Vikings lived, when they raided Britain and all about Viking times.  We had a huge battle in the hall - girls vs. girls - before break time.  We had swords and shields and had to get into formation to form a shield wall.  It was really fun.  We also had champions who fought each other and we had a burial for the losing warrior, Queen Evy.  Mrs. J was chained up and sacrificed as her favourite servant!


After break, we went into our classes and did some activities.  One was a Viking quiz, one was a Viking game called Fox and Geese, and the last one was with Ulf, showing us Viking artefacts.  


After lunch, the boys had their battle, and we also acted out a Viking story - How Thor Lost his Hammer.  Elliot and Emmie were Loki, Isabella was Freya, Carly was Thrym the frost giant and Archie was Thor.  Dexter, Cole,

Ala and Lexi were all frost giants as well.  Archie had to dress up as a bride to trick Thrym - it was really funny.


The day was really exciting and was a fun experience.


by Dexter, Logan and Olivia. H