Exmoor Zoo Keeper Visit - Nursery/Reception

Nursery and Reception Classes - Exmoor Zoo Keeper visit


On the 24th April, the Nursery and Reception classes had a lovely experience when the keeper from Exmoor Zoo came to school.


We sat very patiently in a semi-circle, listening to lots of interesting mini beast facts. First on the list was an

enormous African land snail. The lady came round and showed us his very large foot. Some of us were brave enough to touch the mini beasts and some of us preferred to just look.


The beetles use the moon and the stars to find their way and the fruit beetles eat lots of different types of fruit. 


The tropical woodlice have 14 legs! A very interesting fact about them was that they don't wee - rather gas leaks out of their bodies and they drink through their bottoms! They have gills on their legs. 


The stick insects, Mrs Brown and Twiggy, look just like sticks. The  children were able to touch Twiggy. They are covered in armour, which comes off when they shed their skins to grow.


We got to see a very hairy tarantula spider! The praying mantis was upside down on a stick protecting her eggs. She only has one ear which is very good for hearing bats, which would like to eat her at night.


We ended off with looking at and touching a cockroach.  


We had lots of fun!