World War II experiences - Years 5 and 6

World War II experiences


This week, our Years 5 and 6 cohort has been immersed in history!


On Tuesday, we visited Braunton Burrows—a site of historical significance due to its use by the American troops ahead of D-Day—and were fortunate to receive a guided tour from a local historian, Mr Bass from the Friends of the Assault Training Centre. 


The children had great fun staging their own ‘attacks’, finding out more about North Devon’s role in the war, and even seeing some serving military practising drills. 


Following this, on Thursday Mr Bass and his colleagues at the Friends of the Assault Training Centre brought in some vintage military vehicles for the children to explore.  They also talked to the children about how these vehicles were used.

On Tuesday children from years 5 and 6 went to Braunton Burrows WWII sites.  The coach dropped us off and we walked down to the military area of Braunton and met a gentleman called Mr Bass who we huddled round to listen to.  We walked down the American Road where the Americans trained in WWII.  All the children had an amazing time and we were very worn out by the end of the day. 

Written by Libby.

On the 24th of November, a group of military vehicles came to Orchard Vale.  They brought with them one weapon carrier and two 1940s Jeeps.  The children were able to look at and handle a Thompson submachine gun, M1 Garand, Kar98 an LMG and a M1911 airsoft pistol (these were all replicas or airsoft guns). Despite the weather it was an incredibly fun and interesting experience for all of us. 

Written by Charlie.