Years 3 and 4 - Chinese Day

Years 3 and 4 Chinese Day


On Tuesday in Years 3/4, the children enjoyed the second of our 'China' days.  Thank you to Becky Milton for producing the wonderful Chinese food.


‘We made Chinese lanterns using tissue paper.  They were put in the hall as decoration for when we had our Chinese food in the afternoon.’ (Nieve)


‘We had a visit from a teacher from Pilton Secondary School who taught us some Mandarin.  He talked to us about The Great Wall of China, and where it was built.  He was really impressed with all of the facts we already knew!’ (Dexter)


‘The Mandarin Teacher was also impressed when we told him all about what he had learned about the Shang Dynasty.’ (Martha)


‘We decorated place mats for our Chinese meal.’ (Amelie)


‘The placemat had Chinese images like a dragon, and also a Chinese feast.’ (Emily)


‘In the afternoon, we had lots of really tasty food like spring rolls, noodles, vegetable stir fry, Chinese chicken curry, Kung Pao Chicken, and sweet and sour chicken.’ (Ezra)


‘The day was amazing!  My favourite bit of the day was tasting the food, especially the Chinese chicken curry.’ (Corey)