Key Stage One Great Fire of London

Key Stage One


Great Fire of London


The children in KS1 built Tudor houses experimenting how to successfully join materials to one another. This week at Forest School the three classes came together and set fire to the houses trying to recreate 'The Great Fire of London'. The weather was perfect.  We were able to see how the wind caused the fire to spread across the houses. The children really enjoyed the experience and did a great job writing a newspaper report in class the following day!


Breaking News


On Tuesday the 22nd of March a fire broke out in the Forest School at Orchard Vale. It is reported that the fire was started by a Mr Q. The wind blew the fire and it rapidly spread across the houses. The houses were turned to ash. Children could be heard cheering and clapping as they watched their houses go up in flames. 


Report written by Cheryl  - Year 2.