Mrs Scott's class visit to Park School Science Department

Mrs Scott’s Class visited the Science Department at Park School


On Wednesday, 16th February, Mrs Scott's class went to Park School to study biology.  The main focus of the lesson was Micro-organisms . Microscopes were the primary pieces of equipment used to have a closer look at different materials such as snake skin, sugar paper and fabric. Baby sea monkeys (very small, aquatic creatures, the same size as a grain of sand) were viewed and amoebas were given to students to view. Amoebas are small, miniscule creatures which can morph into a giant mouth when they need to eat and grow legs when they need to move.


Slides were provided to students with samples such as honeybee legs and dried human blood. Fresh human blood was viewed on the main screen in the classroom. 


We enjoyed walking up to the school and looking inside the building. Thank you to Mr Plaza for giving up his time to teach us and show us a whole other, microscopic world!

                                                                                                          Mya T, Year 6