Ocean Revival 2020

Friday, 31st January 2020
Visit by Ocean Revival 2020 Team
Matt Mason, a serving Royal Marine who is part of the Ocean Revival 202 team, brought the Rossiter 2 Pure Class ocean rowing boat to Orchard Vale today.
The children enjoyed being able to look around the boat to see what equipment it has, how much room the team of 4 will have to row, eat and sleep in during the 70 day (3,700 miles) challenge of rowing the North Atlantic (the worlds most dangerous row).
The team are partnering with Plastic Oceans UK to deliver an educational programme to schools across the UK.
during an assembly the children learned about oceans, marine life and the effect plastic and our own human behaviour is having on those systems.
Thanks to generous donations from our families for non-uniform day we raise £144, which we donated to Plastic Oceans UK.
The team will try to keep us up to date with their progress during the challenge, when communication allows.  The challenge starts in May and you will be able to follow their progress on the Ocean Revival 2020 website https://oceanrevival2020.com.