Years 5/6 Ancient Greek Day

20th June 2023

Years 5 / 6 Ancient Greek Day


Tuesday, 20th June


This term we are studying the Ancient Greeks.  Instead of a trip, we have arranged for the children to take part in a full day interactive experience with a visiting Greek warrior from Portals to the Past.  The children will gain an exciting insight into Ancient Greek culture, home-life, gods, battles and take part in a mini Olympic games. 


The Greek warrior will demonstrate his weapons and armour which will make this fascinating period of history come to life for the children.  He will also bring in a collection of reproduction artefacts.  In the afternoon, we will take part in the great battle of Gaugamela between Alexander the Great and King Darius to round off an engaging and fun day.


To get into the spirit of our Ancient Greek experience it would be brilliant if the children could make a costume to wear on the day.  Please do not feel pressurised to spend a lot of money on these.  There are some ideas overleaf of simple costumes you can put together using items the family may have at home.  We will post some ‘how to’ instructions on Teams which may help.


We are sure the children will come home after their experience with a much better appreciation of what it was like to live in Ancient Greek times.


Thank you to the PTFA for making a donation towards this event to keep the cost down.