Years 3 & 4 Termly Homework Tasks

Spring 2024 - Years 3&4

 Homework Tasks – Topic: Ancient China


Below are the Homework Tasks for the children to select which piece they would like to complete.

Remember: They should complete 6 tasks in total during the term. Four tasks must be from different curriculum areas!


Please share your work via Teams and upload into your homework folder or bring into school - we would love to display your  work!

Topic Task
  • Research the daily life of someone in Ancient China.

  • Design a postcard for a famous tourist attraction in China. Can you make the postcard bigger than you?

  • What festivals/celebrations happen in China? Research and present these in any way you’d like.
  • Chinese inventions - The Chinese are known for many inventions.  

  • Can you find out what they created and place this on a timeline with the correct years?
Maths Tasks
  • Research the Chinese calendar. Can you work out what animal you and your family are based on your year of birth?

  • Fractions – what can you find at home that can be divided into equal parts – money, pizza, oranges etc?

  • What fractions do they make? You may want to use photos to show us what you found.

  • Money - Research how much a trip to China would cost. Include travel, accommodation, trips, food and entertainment.

  • How long would it take to walk the Great Wall of China? Consider your speed, stops and amount of hours walking in a day.


English Task
  • Research Chinese proverbs. Which is your favourite and why? What are proverbs for? Can you write your own?

  • Create a tourist page for a holiday in China. You can collect pictures, maps and quotes to promote your destination.

  • Think about your descriptive language and how you could persuade someone to book a trip to your location.

  • Write your name using Chinese characters.
  • You have just discovered the terracotta warriors. Write a short diary entry for day you made your discoveries.
Creative Task
  • Build a replica of part of the Great Wall of China.
  • Make a Chinese lantern. Can you write a set of instructions for extra dojos/stars?

  • Design an outfit suitable for an emperor.
  • Make your own Chinese feast for your family to enjoy and take photographs of your food.