Years 3 & 4 Termly Homework Tasks

Below are the Homework Tasks for the children to select which piece they would like to complete.


Remember: They should complete 6 tasks in total during the term. Four tasks must be from different curriculum areas!


  •          Please either complete work directly in the Home School Link Book or glue loose sheets into it.
  •          If your child completes additional work at home please share this with us in the Home School Link Book.
  •          Models – children can bring these in to show the class.
Maths Tasks
  • Design a 4 faced clock showing 4 different times from 4 different locations around the world.


  • Fractions – what can you find at home that can be divided into equal parts – money, pizza, oranges etc? What fractions do they make? You may want to use photos to show us what you found.


  • Money - Research how much a trip to one of the Seven Wonders would cost. How many different ways could you travel? Think boat, plane and car!


  • Travel - How many miles is it from Orchard Vale School to one of your Seven Wonders. Can you show the distance and route on a map?


English Task
  • Create a mythical creature and write a paragraph describing your creation.  Consider appearance, personality and movement.


  • Create a tourist page for one of the Seven Wonders.  You can collect pictures, maps and quotes to promote your destination.   Think about your descriptive language and how you could persuade someone to book a trip to your location!


  • Poetry – create a shape poem based on your choice from the Seven Wonders.


  • You have become an explorer! Create a diary entry for your travels around the world.  Where did you go and what did you discover?

Topic Task
  • On a map of the world locate as many famous landmarks as you can.  Can you accurately label and stick on a photograph?


  • Design a postcard for a famous tourist attraction for of the Seven Wonders.   Can you make the postcard bigger than you?


  • Roman gods and goddesses – Who were they? Why were they so important and what did they do?


  • Chinese inventions - The Chinese are known for many inventions.   Can you find out what they created and place this on a timeline with the correct years?

Creative Task

  • Build a replica of one of the Seven Wonders.    se as many different resources as possible – can it move?   Can it be made out of recycled items?


  • Create a collage picture of one of the Seven Wonders.  Can you make it look as real as possible?


  • Design an outfit suitable for a Roman god. Label the items and the materials you would use. Are they appropriate for the time period?


  • Imagine if the Great Wall of China was made from a different material.  Design and make your own version.


Please consider display space in the classroom when constructing your model.

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