Years 3 & 4 Termly Homework Tasks

Summer 2022 - Years 3&4

 Homework Tasks –Robots


Below are the Homework Tasks for the children to select which piece they would like to complete.

Remember: They should complete 6 tasks in total during the term. Four tasks must be from different curriculum areas!


  • Please either complete work on teams in your homework folder or hand into your class teacher! We would love to display these!
Maths Tasks
  • Go shopping with a budget and make sure you don’t overspend! Keep a total as you shop.

  • Make a matching pairs game for a timestable that you find challenging.
  • Do 5 TTRS soundchecks at home and bring in your score.

  • Draw a robot using a range of 2d shapes and include at least one line of symmetry
English Task

  • Research a great inventor of your choice and write a short biography.

  • Write a haiku poem.

  • What would you do if you were a robot for a day? Create a comic strip.

  • Create a set of Top Trumps cards for your own Pokémon characters.

Topic Task
  • Research 6 famous robots and their jobs.

  • Compare toys you have to those your parents and grandparents had when they were your age. How have they evolved over time?

  • Write a menu of Japanese foods

  • Create a detailed fact file of an invention that changed the world

Creative Task
  • Build a replica of part of the Great Wall of China! 

  • Make a Chinese lantern. Can you write a set of instructions for extra dojos/stars?

  • Design an outfit suitable for an emperor! 

  • Make your own Chinese feast for your family to enjoy and take photographs of your food!


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