Years 3 & 4 Termly Homework Tasks

Summer 2021 - Years 3 & 4

 Homework Tasks – Traditional Tales with a twist


Below are the Homework Tasks for the children to select which piece they would like to complete.

Remember: They should complete 6 tasks in total during the term. Four tasks must be from different curriculum areas!


  • Please submit your homework on Teams and notify your teacher!

  • Models – children can bring these in to show the class.  We will take a photograph and then send home at the end of term.

  • Times tables and spellings will be tested on the following Friday in class.
Maths Tasks


  • Create an addition/ subtraction board game and play with a friend/family member.

  • Learn your times tables by using songs and rules.

  • Create a poster of how to do the 4 operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

  • The Three Little Pigs had 25 Twigs. They each used a different odd number of twigs to build a house. How many twigs did each pig use? Find as many different ways to do it as you can. Show me how you did it!
Topic Task
  • Research a range of castles and locate them on a map.

  • Create a 3d version of a fairy tale character. Can you make it move?

  • Design a healthy menu for a royal banquet. How many courses? What drinks would you offer per course? Can you create an invitation to go with the banquet?

  • Take a photograph of yourself and label the bones in the body.
English Task
  • Design a setting for a fairy tale of your choice using any creative materials.

  • Put yourself into your favourite tale and change the ending.

  • Join three fairy tale characters and place them into a day in Devon! E.g: Little Red Riding Hood goes to Westward Ho! And meets the big bad giant.

  • Can you turn a good character bad? Think of personality traits. 

Creative Task
  • Build a model of a castle using materials of your choice. Which materials are fit for purpose?

  • Make a moving skeleton!

  • Landscapes - Draw a picture of the view you can see out of your window.

  • Draw a picture of all the fairy tale characters that you know and put them in a familiar setting.
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