Years 3 & 4 Termly Homework Tasks

Autumn 2021 - Years 3 & 4

 Homework Task


Below are the Homework Tasks for the children to select which piece they would like to complete.

Remember: They should complete 6 tasks in total during the term. Four tasks must be from different curriculum areas!


  • Please either complete work on teams in your homework folder or hand into your class teacher! We would love to display these!
Maths Tasks
  • How far away is Stonehenge, in miles, from Orchard Vale? How long would the journey take if you drove from Orchard Vale? How long would the journey take if you walked from Orchard Vale? How long would a return journey take?


  • How did they tell the time in the Stone Age era? How is this different to telling the time now? Can you find evidence? 

  • How long ago was the Stone Age in years, months and weeks? 

  • Practise your times tables up to 12x12. You will be tested fortnightly on one of these.


English Task
  • Create an acrostic poem for the word ‘Harvest’. Add pictures and consider your presentation.

  • Write a story where you travel to a different period of time. Who could you meet, what journey would you embark on and what issues would happen along the way?

  • Write a set of instructions to tell someone how to carry out an archaeologist dig.

  • Make a list of all the jobs a Stone Age person would have been expected to do. Can you order them from the most important job to the least and state why?
Topic Task
  • Research prehistoric animals. Consider names, facts, comparisons and life span.

  • Research and list sources of primary and secondary light. Can you explain how they are different?

  • Compare Stone Age and Iron Age tools and weapons. What were they made out of and why?

  • Design a healthy, natural dinner. Consider how many courses you would have and the variety of food groups needed.
Creative Task
  • Bake rock cakes! Send in a photograph. Could you edit the recipe?

  • Build your very own Stonehenge and bring it into class. Think about the size and variety of materials.

  • Build a Stone Age shelter. Photograph or bring it in for display!

  • Collect 4 different types of rocks.  Can you compare them? Where did you find them? What are they used for? Take a photograph.


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