Years 5 and 6 Termly Homework Tasks

Complete at least one of these tasks each half-term. You can work directly in your homework book, stick photos or pieces of paper into your book or upload your work onto Teams. We are looking forward to seeing what you do!

English Tasks
  • Write an acrostic poem about Barnstaple.

  • Write your own story about a smuggler on the North Devon coast.

  • Make a zigzag book with images and information about landmarks in Barnstaple.

  • Create a poster or leaflet to encourage people to visit Barnstaple.

  • Write a letter to our local MP, suggesting how to improve our local area.

  • Create a fact file/short biography about a famous person from Barnstaple (e.g. Graham Gore or William Frederick Rock).
Maths and Science Tasks
  • Create a Top Trump card or fact file about an animal native to North Devon.

  • Create a poster to encourage wildlife-friendly gardening.

  • Make a bug hotel.

  • Research an animal that lives in a habitat that interests you.

  • Draw pictures or take photos of the plants appearing in your garden or in the local area. Find out what they are called and label them.

  • Research how the population of Barnstaple has changed since the industrial revolution. Present your finding in a table or on a graph.
Creative Tasks
  • Design a new logo, welcome sign or coat of arms for Barnstaple.

  • Make a model of a lighthouse that could stand at Crow Point.

  • Make a map of your route to school.

  • Create a collage about Barnstaple or North Devon.

  • Create a picture on a plate of a traditional Devon meal.

  • Bake some scones for your own cream tea!

  • Write and perform your own sea shanty, remembering to make sure it rhymes.
History and Geography Tasks
  • Talk to your parents, neighbours or grandparents about their memories of living in Barnstaple.

  • Visit the museum or another local attraction to find out about local history.

  • Research how North Devon was used during World War 2.

  • Find out how old your house is and discuss what might have been there before it was built.

  • Research how Barnstaple’s port was used through history.

  • Draw/copy or find two maps to show how Barnstaple has changed from the start of Industrialisation to now.