Years 5 and 6 Termly Homework Tasks

Complete at least one of these tasks each half-term. Either work directly in your homework book, stick photos or pieces of paper into your book or use other appropriate resources.  Remember to bring completed tasks into school – we are looking forward to seeing what you do!
English Tasks
  • Write a diary entry for Sir Francis Drake or Sir Walter Raleigh.

  • What did children play in Tudor times? Make up a game to play with other children and write a set of instructions.

  • Write a letter home from a Tudor sailor.

  • Write a poem to celebrate Henry VIII or Elizabeth I.

  • Write a short playscript set in the Tudor court.

  • Write a review of one of Shakespeare’s plays.

  • Read a story set in Tudor times.
Maths and Science Tasks
  • Make a list of all the electrical items you have at home.

  • Create a poster to encourage people to use electrical appliances safely.

  • Create a leaflet to promote a healthy lifestyle.

  • Make up a game that will help you practise the times table you are currently working on.

  • Find and follow a simple recipe, reducing or increasing the quantities to match the number of people in your family.
Creative Tasks
  • Make an Elizabethan hat, using material of your choice.

  • Draw and label a Tudor meal on a plate.

  • Find and follow a simple Tudor recipe.

  • Design an outfit suitable for a king or queen.

  • Look at pictures of ships that fought the Spanish Armada. Make a model of a ship.

  • Turn a photo of a family member into an Elizabethan portrait.

  • Create a collage of the Tudor era.
History Tasks
  • Write a profile of Elizabeth I to attract suitable marriage proposals.

  • Write a newspaper report about the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

  • Write ten top tips for keeping the Tudor monarch happy and therefore keeping your head on your shoulders.

  • Draw a map to show where Tudor sailors explored.

  • Create a poster or leaflet to show some Tudor treatments for common ailments.