Years 1 & 2 Termly Homework Tasks/Knowledge Organiser

Autumn 2023 - KS1 Homework Tasks



Dear Parents/Carers

This term the children have a selection of homework tasks to choose from. Please help your child to do 6 tasks, at least 2 from each section, ( about 1 every 2 weeks), this can be brought into school for us to celebrate! If the task is a practical one, then please take photos of their work as well as bringing the completed task. Try to pick a variety of subject areas but tasks that your child will be interested in and enjoy! If you are not sure how to get started please talk to your class teacher who will able to give you some guidance. 

The homework tasks are to be completed in your child's own time and can be handed in throughout the term rather than on a specific day each week. This is a way of allowing you some flexibility during your weekends as we appreciate that some weekends are busier than others. Thank you and happy homework!

  • Learn to read and spell the common exception words for your year.( Ladders and Level words)

  • Write five questions that you would like to ask the King of England.

  • Write a story about a King, a castle, and a mythical creature of your choice. 

  • Design a poster persuading me to go on holiday to a destination of your choosing. I have always longed to visit St Lucia!

  • Write a list of local villages and towns you may have visited. What did you do when visiting? I.e., Instow – I played on the sandy beach.

  • Write 3 interesting facts about Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth.
  • Explore coins. How many different ways can you make £2, £3 and £5.

  • Cook a traditional cake or biscuit.

  • What is the longest river, the tallest mountain and deepest lake in England? The UK?  Worldwide? 

  • Learn your 2x, 5x, 10x tables, if you need to and then your 3x, 4x, 6x, and 7x tables and identify patterns between them. 

  • Write out the months/seasons of the year. Can you see any spelling patterns?

  • Can you write out your number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. Can you recall these facts instantly and without hesitation?
  • Design a new flag for the 'United Kingdom'

  • Build your own London landmark or a landmark from around the world using recycled materials.

  • Draw your family tree.

  • Pick a country from around the world and complete some research. What is awesome about the country you have chosen?

  • Draw 4 different flowers/plants that you might grow in your garden. What do they have in common?  i.e. roots etc. 

  • Make something that was invented in the Victorian Era.