Years 1 & 2 Termly Homework Tasks/Knowledge Organiser

Spring 2024 - KS1 Homework Tasks

TopicFire and Dragons


Dear Parents/Carers

This term the children have a selection of homework tasks to choose from. Please help your child to do 6 tasks, at least 2 from each section, ( about 1 every 2 weeks), this can be brought into school for us to celebrate! If the task is a practical one, then please take photos of their work as well as bringing the completed task. Try to pick a variety of subject areas but tasks that your child will be interested in and enjoy! If you are not sure how to get started please talk to your class teacher who will able to give you some guidance. 

The homework tasks are to be completed in your child's own time and can be handed in throughout the term rather than on a specific day each week. This is a way of allowing you some flexibility during your weekends as we appreciate that some weekends are busier than others. Thank you and happy homework!

  • Work through the common exception words for year 1 and 2. These can be found at in the form of Ladder and Level word charts.

  •  Learn a poem of your choice and recite it in class or upload a video to Teams. This can be short and sweet!

  •  Draw your own dragon and describe it using exciting adjectives try using verbs and adverbs to really impress!

  • Write a story about a dragon. Where might it fly and who will it meet?

  • Find out five interesting facts about The Great Fire of London.

  • Write a list of famous landmarks in London.

  • Cook something with a dragon or fire theme and bring it in to school to share! (Don’t forget to look closely at the scales when measuring).

  • Learn your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times table. First learn them in order then muddled!

  • Look around your house and identify what materials different objects are made from. Why do you think a window is glass? Create a bock diagraph to show your findings.

  • Make or draw a dragon using 2D shapes.

  • Write down the house numbers in your street and identify the odd and even numbers.

  • Write down any number from the 100 square and add 10, 11 and 12 more.  




  • Make a dragon mask using different material and media. Can you scare your teacher?

  • Blow an egg and paint it.

  • Make a fire collage using different materials at home.

  • Find London and Barnstaple on a map. Is our life in Barnstaple different to those living in London? Write some similarities and differences.

  • Make a junk model dragon. We love celebrating your creations on the Key stage 1 stairs!

  • Draw/ paint a dragon on a pebble or rock and write its name on it.