Farmwise Devon, Westpoint Arena

15th October 2019
Farmwise Devon - Westpoint Arena
Tuesday, 15th October
A group of children from Years 5 and 6 will be visiting Westpoint Arena to learn:-
  • more about farming in Devon County Council

  • how food is produced on Devon's Farms

  • how farming links to the countryside


The minibus will be leaving Orchard Vale at 8am and shoul return for the normal end of school day.


The children attending will need to:


wear their school uniform

bring a coat

wear sensible shoes as they may be doing a lot of walking

The children do not need to wear wellington boots but if they would like to they can bring some to change into.


8am - meet in the courtyard next to the school office

The group should be back at school for the normal end of school day.