Reception Weekly Newsletters

Dear Families,

This week our learning has been based around ‘The Highway Rat’. The children have enjoyed talking about the Rat’s character and making Highway Rat hats, capes and masks. We have particularly talked about the texture of the hat feather and how to create this texture using other materials. In maths we have been steeling sweets and coins to count and working out who has more and who has fewer.

In Phonics we have learned the sounds:


ure     ture 


Please practice them at home.



Have a go at making up your own Highway Rat story. Who is the Highway Rat going to meet? What will he steel from them? What will happen in the end? Draw a picture to go with your story!



  •  Back to school 19th February.
  •  World book day- 1st March. Dress up as your favourite character from a Julia Donaldson book.


Forest School

Unfortunately, due to the continued bad weather we have decided to postpone forest school for this term. We will start again after the Easter holidays. We will send out the dates for each class at the end of this term.