Reception Weekly Newsletters

Dear Families,


This week our learning has been based around the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. The children have been labelling farm-yard pictures and writing instructions for the robbers to steel the prize cow. In maths the children have been playing ‘guess the shape’ and creating shape ladybirds. We have also been creating ladybirds using paints and collage materials which are very effective.


In phonics we have been using the sounds we have learned to read and write words and sentences. We are very impressed with the number of children that have been getting their tricky word certificates. The work you are doing at home is making a big difference to the children- please keep it up!




As it is World Book Day next week we are setting a ‘reading challenge’. We challenge you to find the oddest place that you can read a book! For example, I sometimes read my book on the front steps of my house when I am waiting for a taxi. Tell us about the strangest place you have read a book and about your favourite book. You can write down what you want to say or draw a picture. Have fun!

Important Dates

  •          Thursday 1st March. World Book Day- Dress up as your favourite Julia Donaldson character.


Next week we will be reading ‘Sharing a Shell’.


Have a lovely weekend!


The Reception Team


Next week we will be basing our learning around ‘The Highway Rat’. Have a lovely weekend!


Kind Regards,


The Reception Team