Nursery Weekly Newsletter

12- 16th March 2018


My week at nursery


Things I have been doing this week…


This week we have been looking out for changes in the environment that tell us spring is on the way. We have enjoyed painting our daffodil pictures which have replaced our gruffalo paintings, have a look at them they are great.


Others things I may have enjoyed are:

Signs of spring walk

Peg boards


Building fences for the farm animals

Construction toys in the sand

Colouring and letter writing practice

Playing in the nursery


Stories I have listened to this week…

Signs of spring

Why is the sky blue?

The snail who lost its shell

Singing spring songs


Words we have been learning with ‘Wozzy’


Daffodil, lamb, blossom, catkins, buds, tadpoles, bulbs, stem, petal