Years 5 and 6 Hampton Court

Years 5 and 6

Visit to Hampton Court Palace

Friday, 15th November 2019


On Friday, 15th November, 63 children from Years 5 and 6 left Orchard Vale at 7am to visit Hampton Court Palace.  Although this was a long way it was well worth it to experience this wonderful historical setting and to enhance the children’s knowledge of the Tudors and Elizabethans our topic this term.


‘The visit to Hampton Court Palace gave us a better idea of what life was like in that era.  We took part in an Upstairs/Downstairs Workshop where we explored the hierarchy and status in the Tutor Court.  We saw who lived and worked in the various areas of the palace.’


The children who did not attend Hampton Court spent the day making pottage in the forest school area and building a model of Hampton Court.