Years 3 and 4 visit to Watermouth Castle

Years 3 and 4 visited


Watermouth Castle


Thursday, 1st July 2021


This term Years 3 and 4 have been studying castles.  To inspire their recount  writing Watermouth Castle kindly arranged for us to visit their main house to look at their artefacts and gain an insight into life was like in a castle over the years since it was built in 1825.  Whilst there we also enjoyed some of the fun rides.  The children behaved wonderfully and were a credit to the school —well done!


Recount of Watermouth Castle

‘Yesterday, we went to Watermouth Castle.  As we entered the castle we went to see some singing and dancing robots.  Next we went into the dungeons and I go so scared!  I heard lots of knocking on doors.  I grabbed hold of my friend and we went to the exit. by Kelsey’


“Yesterday, our class went on a school trip to Watermouth Castle.  It was so epic!  It was Jamie’s first time and she loved it!  Then we obviously went on a ride which was the epic water slide!  After that we went on the teacups fun! by Daisie”


‘Yesterday, we went to watermouth Castle, first we went through the gates of the castle.  Then we saw some manikins and King Henry the 8th.  Next we saw a few robots playing music and we went into the dungeons.  After that we watched a water show—it was amazing. by Jamie’