Years 3 and 4 Cross Country Races

Years 3 and 4—Cross Country at Rock Park


Tuesday, 11th May 2021


The children and staff of Years 3 and 4 celebrated being the first year group to take part in an activity outside school since March 2020, due to lockdown and Covid restrictions. 

They walked down to Rock Park as separate year group and took part in one of 4 races on the Junior Park Run course.  The children where able to have their lunch at the park, play in the playground and walked back to school.         

Everyone behaved impeccably and helped the teachers adhere to the extra measures put in place to keep children and staff safe under the current climate. 

Cross Country—Years 3 reported by Martha.

Girls race

We got to the park and walked the course just so we knew where we were going.  I was at the start line feeling excited, remembering how I could not sleep.  Suddenly Mr OV shouted “GO!”.


There were teachers all around and we stopped at Mr Whapham to get a mark on our hand.  At the very end of the course we cheered on whoever came next.


Boys race

When we were coming to sit down the boys started off.  When one boy came past we cheered his name.  At the very last part they all sprinted past.


Year 3 Boys - 1st  Ashton, 2nd Connor 3rd Aiden

Year 3 Girls—1st Martha, 2nd Lilly-May, 3rd Lilyana

Year 4 Boys— 1st Zane, 2nd Matthew, 3rd Elijah

Year 4 Girls— 1st Lexi-Mae, 2nd Jorja,  3rd Lauren