Wimbledon Visit

8th July 2019



Monday, 8th July


Please could our Wimbledon Group meet at Orchard Vale for 0530 on Monday, 8th July, ready to travel to Tiverton Parkway.


As it will be a long day, the children will need a very large packed lunch (for security reasons please do not pack this in a hard-sided lunch box.  Bags will be searched upon arrival at Wimbledon)


The children can wear their own clothes, please bear in mind changes in weather and temperature from 5.30am to midnight.   The children should bring:


A small ruck sack (no bigger than 40cm x 30cm x 30cm)

Plenty to drink in a clear plastic drinks bottle


comfortable/sensible footwear

Sun cream


Warm fleece/jogging bottoms for our return journey



Pocket Money - Children can bring some pocket money which they will be solely responsible for. They will also need money for dinner before getting onto the train.  


Mobile Phones -The children should bring a mobile phone.  


Medication - If your child is likely to require any medication for the journey please could you complete a medical form and return it and the medication to the school office by Thursday, 4th July


Children can bring a camera and books/comic or cards for the journey.  Please ensure your child is aware they will need to be responsible for these items.  Our tickets are for number 1 Court you may see our group on the telly.