Walk to the Moon Challenge

25th January 2021

Walk to the Moon Challenge


Edukid and Orchard Vale school’s partnership


To re-energise our daily mile efforts and to encourage the children to become global citizens we have started a partnership with the local charity Edukid.  It will help us focus on health and well-being, exercise and boosting morale, whilst raising money for children living in poverty. Teachers will be putting the information onto their class Teams channels in the next week or so.  We will aim for the children to run/walk:


Reception—2 laps per day of the playground (½ mile per week) or 4 laps per day would mean a mile a week.

Key Stage 1 —½ a mile per day (2½ miles per week) OR 1 mile per day (5 miles per week)

Key Stage 2— 1 mile per day (5 miles per week)


(For children at home it would be great if you could find an equivalent route to run/walk)


We will be sponsoring

Elizabeth and Daniel in Uganda.

Our annual fundraising target is £720.

Without our fundraising, they would not be able to continue going to school.

If you would like to help with our fundraising you can pay online directly to OV's WALK TO THE MOON Just Giving page, where their money will go directly to Edukid click below:


OV’s Walk to the Moon


If you would like to pay Orchard Vale directly, please keep this money safe and hand it into school when we are back together and it is safe to do so.