Visiting Author - Dan Metcalf

Dan Metcalf




Tuesday, 13th November 2018



Devon based author, Dan Metcalf, visited key stage two children. 

Dan was inspired to write by his head teacher, who brought books to life when reading to his class.

Dan has written various books. 


The inspiration for his latest book Paw Prints in the Somme came following a visit to his vets with his poorly cat.  He noticed an article in The Cat Magazine entitled 'The Cats of World War I'.  Dan went away and researched the facts which lead to him writing Paw Prints in the Somme.


Dan's top tips for becoming an author:


1. Start writing - many people talk about writing but never get round to it.


2. Keep writing - once you have started don't loose momentum or get distracted.


3. Finish writing.


He talked to the children about who inspired him to become an author, how he gets his ideas and shared his books, particularly his new title Paw Prints in the Somme.  If your child has ordered a copy of one of Dan’s books he will be signing them and delivering them next week.