Speech and Language Centre

Welcome to the Speech and Language Centre based at Orchard Vale Community School in Barnstaple

The Speech and Language Centre, in partnership with Orchard Vale Primary School, offers specialist teaching and intensive speech and language therapy for up to 10 children aged 4 to 8 years (Reception to year 3) from across North Devon, who have specific speech and/or language difficulties.

In partnership with parents/carers, a specialist teacher and regular contact with a speech and language therapist we work together to offer a supportive and nurturing environment, in which the children are able to develop their speech, language and communication skills, alongside social and academic abilities.

The children have a dedicated classroom where they very quickly become confident and happy learners with the support of a specialist class teacher and experienced support staff.

We are fully involved in the life of Orchard Vale School and the children take part in assemblies, school trips, PE sessions and play time with their mainstream peers.
  • Mrs Vicky Benn

    Speech and Language Teacher

  • Mrs Karen Ivall

    Teaching Assistant - S & L

  • Mrs Quilter

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Tollafield

    Teaching Assistant - S & L

How To Access Us 
The children that we work with have severe difficulty in one or more of the following areas:

  • Producing clear speech sounds that can be understood by others.
  • Understanding words, sentences and conversations (often referred to as receptive language)
  • Remembering and using the correct vocabulary and grammar (often referred to as expressive language)
Please chat to your child’s Speech and Language Therapist to find out whether your child would meet our criteria and benefit from our support.

Places are allocated on the basis of need, in consultation with the County Special Education team (CSET). Each child is required to have an Education, Health and Social Care Plan (EHCP) which states that the child’s primary need is specific speech and/or language difficulty.

For further details regarding the process for gaining an EHCP please contact Devon Parent Partnership Service.

Tel: 0139 238 3080
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