School Travel



Like many schools the safety of our pupils and families is paramount to us as is being respectful of the inconvenience caused to our neighbours during morning drop off and afternoon pick up. 

Despite your support we have recently received concerns from parents and neighbours about dangerous parking and abusive behaviour.  The bus companies and council waste collection trucks have also found they are unable to park due to inconsiderate parking.

Please could parents/carers help us keep our children safe and maintain the good relationship we have with our neighbours by.


  •  Noting the maximum speed limit, when warning lights re on, approaching Orchard Vale - 20mph.  Please do not exceed this.

  •  Parking in the designated area available either side of the road just past Kingfisher Road.  
    (Parking restrictions are enforced outside school drop off and pick up hours).

  • Please do not park in, opposite or obstruct the bus stop on either side of the road.

  • If you have to park in the residential roads around the school, please park respectfully and sensibly by not blocking driveways, junctions or mounting pavements.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Fiona Pearce—Head Teacher