Royal Wedding Celebration

18th May 2018

Friday, 18th May – Royal wedding celebration


In celebration of the Royal wedding, Orchard Vale will be holding a whole school afternoon high tea and fun afternoon. 



In order to help make this as scrumptious as possible it would be lovely if the children could make a set of 12 royal wedding themed cupcakes (red, white and blue; union jack etc) to bring in on the day to share. 



There will be a prize for the best cakes in each key stage.


Royal wedding celebration
Friday, 18th May 2018
Today the school was a mass of red, white and blue for our royal wedding celebration day.
Thank you to everyone who made wonderful cupcakes to share at our high tea in the afternoon and congratulations to the following children who won prizes for the best decorated cakes.
Daisy W - Reception
Rhys K - Reception
Charlie - Key Stage 1
Kelsey W - Key Stage 1
Freya - Years 3 and 4
Ewan - Years 3 and 4
Jayden Jaroensri - Years 5 and 6
Billie-Jo - Years 5 and 6

Royal Wedding Celebrations Wedding

Invite Competition


Thank you for all your entries.


Here are the winners.


1st Place   Violet 

Mr Luttman’s Class


2nd Place -  Martha


3rd Place -  Coral
Miss Guilford’s Class