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Tapestry Online Learning expectations for children in Reception


Hello, after a few conversations with some of you this week we wanted to clarify Orchard Vales’s expectations for home learning.


Each week a variety of activities will be uploaded by Miss Cawthonre, Miss Boundy and Mrs Youll.  If we feel the activity is suitable for your child, then they will be tagged in it and you will be able to see the activity.


We do not expect you to complete every activity. We have chosen to give you a variety as we understand every child learns differently and want you to be able to fit these activities in with your day as easily as possible.


Each week our expectation is for each child to complete:


  •        two phonic activities
  •        two maths activities
  •        the writing activity
  •        one of the topic/ creative activities
  •        continue with their reading and tricky word charts.


If your child has a favourite activity then please feel free to repeat it.  Obviously if you want to do more then that is great but please do not feel pressured to do so.


We appreciate every day is different which is why we have spread our expectations across the week so you can fit in activities when they are most convenient for you and your family.


If you can upload observations of your child doing the activities please do, if not then please comment to let us know how you are getting on.


If you are struggling and want to contact one of the teachers then please email the school and we will be in contact as soon as possible.


We cannot thank you enough for all your help and support so far, please contact us if you need anything.


We miss you all take care.


Miss Cawthorne      Miss Boundy     Mrs Youll

Foundation Team, Orchard Vale Community School