Parent Consultations

8th November 2021
Dear Parents/Carers

Parent/teacher consultations - week commencing 8th November

It is wonderful that you have all managed to activate and use your Arbor Parent Portal over the past year. Please contact the school office if you are having difficulties with this and we will help you activate your account.

We have now set up time slots for you to be able to speak to your class teacher online/face to face according to the year groups below.

Year 1 to Year 6 consultations will be held online via your child’s Teams Account.

Nursery and Reception consultations will be held in the enclosed play area outside the classroom.

To book a time slot:

- Log into your Parent Portal account.

- Select a date under the Guardian Consultation heading. This should appear in the centre of the screen.

- Click on the date that you would like and click on the down arrow to see the time slots.
(Select which guardians will attend from the names provided).

- Select a time slot and who will be talking to the teacher. You will also be able to put in any notes, if required. Click 'Book Slot'.

- You will need to select different dates/time slots for each child/teacher. (If you have more than one child at Orchard Vale there should be a down arrow next to your child'sname on the screen and all children linked to you will appear).

Year 1 to 6 - On the date and time you have selected your class teacher will call you using your child’s Teams Account so please ensure you have this logged in and ready before the allotted time. Please allow yourself to log out of one child's teams account and into the other if you have meetings on the same day.

Nursery-Reception – please enter the playground and wait for the teacher to invite you into the enclosed play area outside the classroom.

The consultations will last approximately 5 minutes. If you have anything you would like to discuss in more detail, please mention this to your class teacher who will arrange a mutually convenient time.

If you are having any difficulties with the system, please contact the school office on

Thank you for your support.

Fiona Pearce