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Kelsey's Appearance on BBC's The One Show


We received our weekly newsletter via email from school with an attachment From BBC. It was asking for cheeky children. It was very easy to realise this was definitely something for Kelsey. We had to email a short video. We did this and thought nothing more about it. We received a call saying they loved her and wanted to do a Skype audition. They had a few lines to memorize followed by an informal chat. This seemed to go really well. Kelsey was already in the final 5 and they had to get it down to 3.  We finally got the call saying they loved her and she was through! 

 It was a couple of weeks later that we then had to go to London for a rehearsal. We travelled there and back in a day, it was very exciting and also tiring. We went to Wood Lane studios and went through the way things would work and the 3 children Lucy, Vidhit and Kelsey got on really well and had lots of fun.  We were told the concept of the show, Eddie Redmayne and Zoe Kravitz would be having an interview with Alex Jones from The One Show however Alex would not know the answers would be coming from the 3 children via ear pieces. 

On 12th November 2018 we arrived at broadcasting house for filming day. It was also Kelsey's 7th birthday. The children had earpieces and microphones attached to them. They went into the studio where The One Show is filmed and practised the big reveal for the end of the interview. The children then went back upstairs where they would be doing the filming.We were waiting patiently for the arrival of Eddie and Zoe.

They came out of the lift and the first thing they asked was who’s birthday is it?! That was so sweet. They chatted for 5 minutes then they went to film the beginning of the film where the children all jump out from behind the sofa. Then the rest of the feature was filmed which lasted about one hour.

The edited clip that was broadcast was 5 minutes long, however there was much more fun had by all in the unedited version! Kelsey had an amazing experience and the production team were amazing.  We never thought living in Devon we would ever get to do something like this. It really goes to shows that anything is possible.Click her to view the interview.


Buster's first Skills Bout for Barnstaple Boxing Club November 2018
Sophia Year 3 won a local colouring competition in cooperation with the Voice Radio & The Queens Theatre. She had to design a music themed Christmas card and won 1st prize in her age category. She won a family ticket to this years pantomime and her design is being printed to be sold.   She also got to go into the studio to be interviewed live on air. 
Well done Sophia!!