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At Orchard Vale we encourage parent/teacher communication. Please feel free to talk to your child’s class teacher about any questions you may have about your child’s learning and how you can help to support it outside of school. You can use your child's Teams or Tapestry to keep in touch with your class teacher or email orchardvale@ventrus.org.uk with details and we will ensure someone replies to you as soon as possible.

In Design and Technology, pupils are taught to design, make and evaluate products. Wherever possible it is linked with other subject areas, for example a model could be made to use electrical energy as part of work in science, or wartime recipes could be cooked as part of a history topic.

Food Technology

We are fortunate to have a wonderful purpose built kitchen area, which is a child height, where we teach Food Technology skills.

We warmly welcome parental helpers who are invaluable to us during these activities.

Information Communication Technology

ICT is a core subject in the National Curriculum. 


Pupils use ICT tools to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information responsibly, creatively and with discrimination.  They learn how to employ ICT to enable rapid access to ideas and experiences from a wide range of people, communities and cultures. 


Pupils are taught ICT through whole-class and group teaching involving presentations and practical activities.  It is taught both as a discrete subject and as an aid to support learning across the curriculum. We have now begun investing in mobile technology so that the children can develop their ICT skills wherever they are and whatever they are doing in the school grounds. 


All computers are linked to the internet. We take internet safety very seriously at Orchard Vale. We have a clear policy that we all follow when teaching. This policy is available for you to read if you would like to know more.


We have recently installed WiFi on site, so the children can access the internet and cloud based services wherever they are in school. Each classroom is fitted with an interactive whiteboard, which is used to support all areas of the curriculum


We are fortunate to have a purpose built Music Room.

All classes participate in music lessons designed to develop vocal, instrumental and musical appreciation. Composition is an important part of the children’s musical education.



In the creative element children use a variety of instruments for composing, improvising and performing. In the evaluating element children learn to listen to and appraise their own work and that of other musicians and composers.


There is a singing group run for all children and some children receive individual or small group instrumental lessons. Visiting peripatetic teachers provide these lessons, on a variety of instruments such as violin, cornet, clarinet, flute, saxophone, percussion, guitar, keyboard. These take place during the day and pupils are withdrawn from their classes for their instrumental lessons.


Humanities covers the areas of History and Geography. Much of our Geography and History work is themed into topics to focus children’s study.



Many of our themes are based on people, places, events and where possible the local area. This topic based teaching allows us to develop a wide range of historical and geographical knowledge and skills in an interesting and cross curricular way.

Physical Education 

In P.E we aim to instil in our children a lifelong love of physical activity and fitness. 


We use a large range of activities to promote our aims. These include gymnastics, dance, games, athletics and outdoor education. Games encompass football, netball, rounders, tag rugby, tennis, athletics etc.


We also offer excellent extracurricular sporting clubs.
As part of the school day, the children complete ten minutes of Daily Physical Activity (“Take Ten”) in order to improve their fitness and concentration levels, as well as 2 hours of high quality P.E throughout the week.

There is a comprehensive swimming programme for all pupils which runs throughout the year.


Our Fitness Trail is used both during lessons and during recreational times.


The school has attained ‘Active Mark’ for P.E for the past 4 years.

Art, Craft & Design

We give every child the opportunity to experience Art and Design opportunities of quality.



We encourage children to develop the creative aspects of their characters.



The children are taught the handling of different media, including painting, drawing, printing, clay work, collage, textiles and 3D design through a balance of observation, imaginative work and critical studies.



We have achieved ‘Gold Arts Mark’ status for our creative work in Art, Music and Dance.

Sex and Relationship Education

Sex and Relationship Education is a small part of our health /PSHE programme. Governors, Teachers and Parents have all been consulted on a Policy to introduce this topic in the best educational and informative way, and this has been integrated into the curriculum during the Summer Term.



The Policy includes answering questions sensitively and with consideration for any social, cultural and religious factors. The natural development of the subject means that we would explain fully all aspects of the physical and emotional changes experienced by children as they reach puberty.



A Channel 4 video programme, called “All about us – Living and Growing”, will be used to underpin the work. The video can be borrowed by parents in preparation for the work covered.



We also make sure parents are informed when the children will be watching the video so that they can follow up any questions that may be raised at home. If parents would like to know more about our work in this area, we would be delighted to discuss this further.

P.S.H.E: Physical, Social & Health Education

P.S.H.E is a vital part of school life and one which the school promotes strongly. This work supports our pupils to becoming good, caring citizens of the future.


Our aim is to develop each child’s awareness of themselves and their ability to take responsibility for their own social, physical and mental well-being.


Health Education is taught through classroom discussion, topics and subjects that fall naturally in class projects. We promote healthy attitudes and behaviour in areas such as manners, respect for others, safety issues, first aid, diet, personal hygiene and cleanliness. As a school, we have achieved the full National Healthy School’s Award.

R.E. And Collective Worship

We are continually encouraging the children to value themselves, each other, their environment and their own world. It is regarded here, as very important, that they are tolerant of others’ views and actions. In order to help meet these aims we follow the Devon Agreed Syllabus on Religious Education and Collective Worship.


This allows the children to develop an awareness of themselves and their place in society, their relationships with others and to show sensitivity towards the natural world. It fosters an understanding of why certain experiences of life are shown through celebrations, rituals and symbols and study is made of religions, other than Christianity.


Everyday the children experience some form of Collective Worship. These sessions are as varied as possible to keep the experience worthwhile, meaningful and enjoyable.


If the parents of any pupil requests that he/she be wholly or partly excused from attendance at collective worship or a Religious Education lesson, a letter to request this should be written to the Head of School, alternative provision will then be made available.

School Council 
The school Councils is made up from two pupil representatives from each class in the school.
They meet regularly as a committee, to discuss issues of concern about the running of the school and action that needs to be taken.
There is a Chairman and a Secretary, and class representatives change each term.
 Each class votes for their representative and each representative feeds back actions to their class and to the whole school in assemblies.
The Councils have their own budget to manage and meet with Senior Teachers and the Head of School with their concerns and suggestions and areas of ongoing work.

Multi Culturalism – “Learn with us – Link with the World”

Within our school our objective is to help everyone appreciate and value the riches offered by different cultures within and beyond our own society. The school has set up sustainable links with Nepal and Uganda, supporting teacher exchange programmes, school visits and pupil interaction.


At present, our school fundraising throughout the year provides teacher salaries in these under-developed countries - profit from the parents’ “coffee corner” café supports this. Our curriculum is tailored to include work in R.E and Humanities about these countries. This provides our pupils with first-hand, rich experiences of other cultures.

Promoting British Values
The school actively promotes the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.
These values are exemplified in our curriculum, through collective worship and through our core values which determine how we lead our lives in school and how we prepare children for their role in society.
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