Mental Health Ambassadors

26th May 2021

Mental Health Ambassadors


Some of our year 5 children have been lucky enough to attend a day of training which will enable them to become Mental Health Ambassadors around the school. 


They will work alongside Mrs May and Mrs Manley as a team to encourage a caring environment that     celebrates positive mental health within our community for both children and adults.


“We learned how we can make ourselves feel better when we are down. Look out for our posters around the school”      

Kaito—Year 5


“We have learnt the Ten a Day – from the Normal Magic Programme We also learnt tips on how to help ourselves and others stay positive and forget about the negatives. We used different examples of animals to explain some of these points.  I can’t wait to be able to put my training to good use!”

Chloe-Rose—Year 5


If you would like to find out more on this free Normal Magic Programme, follow the link: