RSPB Big Schools' Bird Count

29th January 2021

OV Weekend Club


Going live today!


Do you find yourself getting bored at the weekend? Missing your friends or being part of a club?


Do you need some easy, fun ideas that you can take part in over the weekend?


Well, here’s where the OV Weekend Club can help! Everyone is invited to be part of a new Team, which you will find when you log into your Teams page.


You will find lots of activities that you will be able to take part in, from simple things like colouring to bigger projects like making a life sized paper peregrine!


Simply upload a photograph or sample of the activity to the page that you have participated in! It will be lovely to see how many activities you enter.


To win a special OV badge you need to engage in 5 different activities over the coming weekends. Once you have completed an activity, post it back onto the OV Weekend Club Teams where we will keep a note of your individual achievements.


Obviously, all activities undertaken should be done within Covid regulations, so if you need to be outside, please remember that it needs to be a part of your daily exercise.


New links will be added as the weeks go on – watch this space!


This weekend you can take part in the Big Bird Watch.  


Win a bird box


Are you taking part in the RSPB Big Schools’ Bird Watch this weekend? It would be great if you could complete your survey sheet along with photographic evidence of you taking part, send it into the OV Weekend Club Teams under Birdwatch and you just might be one of the lucky ones to win one of Miss Felgate's handmade bird boxes.


Good luck!