Years 5 and 6 visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum

6th December 2018

This term years 5 and 6 are studying World War II and conflicts, and we have arranged to visit the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton, where we will be taking part in a fun World War II Home Front workshop. 


“With the threat of attack in 1914 from the air changed the nature of war for ordinary civilians forever. This active learning session challenges children to explore how Britain dealt with Total War at home whilst the Nation’s young men were fighting abroad. What contribution could women, children and civilians make to protect themselves and help the war effort? Find out about Zeppelins, the U-boat threat, food shortages, working in wartime factories and coping with the news from the Front.”


We will also get the chance to make a gas mask and explore the museum, which includes an aircraft carrier simulation experience and a look around the iconic Concorde.   This event is a curriculum activity and as such it would be beneficial to their learning if all children attended. Following the visit, they will be completing work in the classroom based on their experiences during the day. 


More details to come