Bronze-age Roundhouse Experience - Years 3 and 4

26th September 2018
Bronze-Age Roundhouse Experience

The children will step back in time 4,000 years and experience life as it would have been for a family living in a roundhouse.  Children will dress up and take part in daily tasks such as cooking, pottery, digging, willow work, weapon making, hunting and music making within the grounds of the centre.


Due to a restriction on numbers we have booked 2 separate day visits. 

Miss Gulliford’s class and half of Mr Whapham’s class will be visiting on Wednesday, 26th September.

Mrs Johnson's class and half of Mr Whapham’s class will be visiting on Thursday, 27th September.


The coach will be leaving Orchard Vale promptly at 8.15am so the children will need to be in school no later than 8am for us to leave promptly.  We will, unfortunately, be unable to wait for any latecomers.  We anticipate arriving back at Orchard Vale at approximately 5.30pm.  


On the day they MUST wear their Orchard Vale sweatshirt by may wear their own long trouser.  They will also need


A waterproof coat                     Sensible shoes/trainers                       A hat                     


The children will need a packed lunch (please pack a little extra for the long day), plenty to drink in a labelled, plastic container in a small rucksack.   If your child is entitled to Free School Meals and you would like the kitchen to provide a packed lunch please mark this on the return slip.