Friends of Orchard Vale - Minutes

Minutes of the PTFA meeting held on 19th January 2017


Present :  Leanne May, Claire Knight, Becky Milton, Kay Sowden, Jeannette Jay, Phoebe Stubbington, Sue Manley (School Liason) Nathalie Hill

Absent:  Casey Thorne, Lisa Thorne, Lorraine Kamp, Anne Huxtable


PTFA Committee  - new committee needed as Chair and Vice Chairman resigned after Christmas 2015

Vote results as follows :

Claire Knight – Chair

Leanne May – Vice Chair

Nathalie Hill – Secretary

Jeanette Jay – Treasurer (remaining from last year)


Sue Manley has advised that in the after school club cupboard in the school hall there is an excessive amount of “New to you” uniform items.   These need to be sorted and utilised.  It was noted that KS1 have sent out letters to parents asking for any spares as the classes are running out of spares for children having accidents in the winter months.   It was agreed that the clothes would be sorted on a Thursday afternoon asap and some donated to KS1 and foundation and some kept by the PTFA to be used by Claire with a proposed idea of making souvenir teddies or like for Year 6 leavers to purchase in July.


Disco – Hall has been booked for some time as a provisional event.   Nick Seal to be asked to be DJ for no or minimal cost.   It was discussed and agreed that the disco date be revised from 10th February to Thursday 9th February. 6pm -7pm for foundation (reception only) and KS1, all parents of these year groups to stay to supervise their children from start to finish.  KS2 730pm-830pm, all parents to drop children at the door and collect them at the end, no children will be permitted to walk home without a named adult or guardian.  Ticket price of £2 per child will include a drink and snack.   Tea coffee and refreshments will be available to purchase extra and by any adults that wish to buy.  “photo booth” £1 per photo with card kit to have photo mounted to….


PTFA name to be changed, fresh and new for 2017 and the new ptfa. A Few ideas, OV together, Friends of OV etc etc


Can PTFA open an bookers account?  Claire and/or Leanne to look in this.


Sue Manley to speak to Fiona Peace about restarting the monthly tuck shop. Maybe a limit of 50p per child to stop binging on snacks before lunch time?


Leanne May and Nathalie Hill run School Council over both Key Stages and to liase  with PTFA for any forthcoming planned events.

Nathalie has asked for PTFA to lend her the money to buy red noses for school council children to sell in school, and will pay all money back once these have been sold.  Nathalie to confirm the amount required.

Fiona Butler provided a list of forthcoming trips for all classes/year groups and pricings and it was agreed that 25% of the cost for each will be subsidised by the PTFA


Next meeting in a weeks time.   Thurs 26th January, 3:15pm in Mrs Stapley and Miss Cawthornes class in the hope more parents can attend as there will be some room for their children to be safe for the duration.